As you'll notice from the Upper Bay Fishing Reports, a huge number of anglers have been fishing in the Hodges/Tolchester area. Unfortunately, this past week we began getting multiple reports of numerous striped bass floaters drifting downstream from the fleets of boats fishing here. We wish the powers that be would work to get a handle on just how big a problem this is, but unfortunately, the state has shown zero interest in investigating or documenting the issue. Please help us try to gain an understanding of just how significant this is, by performing a count of how many dead rockfish you see floating if you go fishing in this area.

area fish are dying in
Many dead floating stripers are being reported in this area - please help us try to get an understanding of just how widespread the problem is. 

We’d like to know:

  • The date you went fishing
  • How many dead fish you see
  • How many hours you were in the area
  • How many of the dead fish appear to be keeper size and how many appear to be undersized

Please keep track the next time you go fishing, and report your observations to [email protected]. Thank you for your assistance.