Hi FishTalk readers, we sincerely hope you're finding ways to get a bend in the rod during these rather difficult times. As one might expect, we've had our own share of disruptions trying to prepare, print, and distribute the magazine. As a result, the May 2020 edition (only) will be online, only. Boo! We know that many of you much prefer to sit down and flip the paper pages of FishTalk at your leisure. Some folks like to clip and save articles of high interest, and we've even heard from a few of you who save every issue and have a bona fide FishTalk library. Please believe us, we're just as bummed as you are that we had to make this decision. But these unprecedented circumstances call for unprecedented measures, and we're pretty dang sure each and every one of you understands that.

cover for fishtalk magazine
Is that not an awesomely beautiful rockfish cover shot? Caroline Sykes strikes again!

We are SO bummed that this amazing cover won't greet your eyes from the hundreds of magazine racks throughout the region. We'd like to say we're sorry to Caroline Sykes, who is one of the few people to ever make the cover of FishTalk twice. Keep catching fish like that, Caroline, and there will be a third time!

Here's the good news, folks: assuming the crazy situation doesn't get any crazier for some unforeseen reason, FishTalk will be back in June in its usual printed form - bigger and better than ever, jam-cram-packed with oodles of solid fishing info to help you catch more, bigger fish. In the meantime, you can still read the May edition in its entirety. Just click on the cover you see on the upper right hand side of the screen right now, and you'll see it in "flipbook" form where you turn the pages by clicking the arrows. All of the articles we had prepped for print are in there, as are all of our supporter's advertisements. Click on those ads, and they'll take you right to their websites. 

A quick note about those supporters who's ads you see on the pages of FishTalk: we'd like to thank them for their amazing dedication in helping us bring you FishTalk even through all this madness. When that June edition comes around and you have a "real" edition of FishTalk in your hands once again, be aware that the advertisers you see on its pages stuck with us in these hard times - and that means they stuck with YOU. We hope you'll take note of these businesses and remember that through thick and thin, these are the businesses that have made FishTalk possible.

Thank you, anglers, for reading FishTalk be it in physical or digital form. We'll see you again in June, and until then, we hope you catch more, bigger fish!