About FishTalk Magazine!

Rudow's FishTalk magazine and web site were developed to serve Chesapeake area fishing fanatics in a partnership between founding editor Lenny Rudow and SpinSheet Publishing Company. They realized that Chesapeake Bay and Mid-Atlantic anglers had no go-to source for accurate, timely, how-to, where-to, local fishing knowledge - knowledge that would help them catch more and bigger fish.

Angler in chief Lenny Rudow
FishTalk angler in chief Lenny Rudow with a beautiful Chesapeake Bay striped bass.

Anglers have long been underserved in the Mid-Atlantic region. “It really is unbelievable that we live in one of the highest concentrations of fishermen and offer some of the most accessible and diverse fishing adventures in the country, but Mid-Atlantic anglers have no firm, reputable source that’s 100-percent dedicated to fishing and fishing alone. One that’s dedicated to bringing them timely information on how to catch more and bigger fish,” Rudow said.

A 20-plus year veteran writer specializing in fishing, boating, and marine electronics, Rudow (also the author of six how-to fishing books) approached Publisher Mary Ewenson of SpinSheet Publishing Company.  One very long lunch meeting later, the concept for FishTalk was born.

“We have been able to stay relevant and grow through strategic changes and a bit of luck,” says Ewenson, who started SpinSheet Publishing Company in 1995. "By staying focused, providing valuable and easily accessible content, we have been able to keep our audience engaged and create a community under each of our titles. This drives value for our advertisers since they are reaching their specific niche market.”

Though the SpinSheet staff consists of a mixed bag of sailors, powerboaters, and fishers, they all share one thing in common: a deep love for the water. "Many of the folks at SpinSheet go out on various types of boats on a regular basis without thinking for one moment about catching fish," Rudow said. "In my mind, this simply does not compute. But they've done a phenomenal job with the mechanics of creating a new magazine and web site, and I've come to find that they all love spending time on the water. Give me a few buckets of chum, a bag of bloodworms, and some time. I'll convert 'em." 

Mid-Atlantic anglers, rejoice. We have a fishing magazine again - only this one's better than any we've had before.


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