Fishing Videos

Rudow's FishTalk is the go-to source for the most accurate, timely, how-to and where-to information about Chesapeake Bay fishing and angling throughout Mid-Atlantic region. If you're looking for videos with lifestyle fluff, hip new influencers, or clickbait and shock-value, look elsewhere. But if you're on the hunt for fishing intel that will help you catch more, bigger fish, check out:


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General FishTalking

We have a wide assortment of species to go after in the Mid-Atlantic region, so you'll find a wide assortment of how-to and tactical videos here on everything from yellow perch to yellowfin tuna. 

Boats and Engines

Looking for a cool new fishboat? Join us for sea trials, walk-throughs, and more, as we look at the coolest new center consoles, bay boats, and fishing machines of all persuasions.

Striper Fishing

It's all about the rockfish. As in, striped bass for y'all northern folks.

Fishing Gear

What angler doesn't love new fishing gear? Yeah, we feel it too. And no, we can't resist the temptation, either.

Freshwater Fishing

Ponds, lakes, rivers, and reservoirs, if you cast into the Mid-Atlantic's sweet-water, you'll be interested in what's served up in our Freshwater Fishing playlist.

Inshore Fishing

Yup, we do go through the inlet, too. And when wreck or reef fishing is on the agenda you'll want to check out our videos covering sea bass, tautog, and more.

Offshore Fishing

Point the bow east, and keep going! If bluewater angling is in your future you'll want to cruise here, first.

Kayak Fishing

Can you believe how popular kayak fishing has become in recent years? It's become a universe all to its own, and this is the perfect place to start exploring it.