Chatterbaits work great in a lot of situations, and are a good pick for many species ranging from largemouth bass to snakeheads. Unfortunately, many aren’t ideal for adding hollow-body trailers. Solid bodies may stay put, but trailers like tube jigs often get pulled down off the shank easily. When there are short strikes or vigerous casts, this can be a deal-killer. All is not lost, however. Here’s a quick and easy mod that works great for adding a tube jig trailer to any chatterbait head.

  1. Cut an inch-long chunk off an old plastic worm.
  2. Thread the tube jig onto the chatterbait hook and slide it all the way up the shank. Then grab the tentacles and pull them forward towards the head of the chatterbait to turn the tube partially inside-out.
  3. Thread on the chunk of plastic worm and push it all the way to the head. Then unroll the inside-out tube jig back over the segment of plastic worm, which will give the jig a solid grip on the hook shank.
plastic worm in tube jig
After pulling the tube jig trailer up and partially inside-out, slide on the chunk of plastic worm.
chatterbait hack
Unroll the tube back down over the worm, and it'll stay put.

Rigged in this way, the tube jig will hold firm to that chatterbait for strike after strike.