Powered propulsion has a plethora of pluses when it comes to kayak fishing, but choosing which is best can be a tricky task to tackle. Let’s take a look at some of the hot options out there, including all-in-one electric kayak packages, bow mounts, and stern/rudder mounts.

old town fishing kayak with motor
The Old Town Sportsman Bigwater EPDL is a complete motorized fishing kayak package.

Old Town Sportsman Bigwater EPDL+ 132

The Old Town Sportsman Bigwater EPDL+ 132 comes equipped with an electric-assist pedal drive (exact power/pounds of thrust is not specified by Old Town) that makes long distance travel a breeze. The drive has three different settings, including manual pedal, power assisted pedal, or fully motorized with five different speeds. This kayak comes rigged to run, including a 36V 20Ah Li-ion battery and charger. The motor is controlled with built-in buttons and a screen that lets you monitor battery life. Price: $5999.99

motorguide kayak motor
Motorguide XI3 Saltwater kayak motor offers GPS positioning.

The MotorGuide XI3 Saltwater 55 LB 36” With Pinpoint GPS

The MotorGuide XI3 is a bow-mount 12V electric motor that equals about 0.85 hp of power and is a favorite among many kayak anglers. This motor does not come with a battery so you’ll need to choose and purchase one on your own, and it requires additional mounting hardware for most kayaks. Wireless steering through a handheld remote eliminates additional steering mechanisms that some motors require, and lets you sit back and relax as you cruise to your next spot. This model in specific is built for the salt (freshwater models are also available), allowing you to fish from the Susquehanna flats to the CBBT without a worry. While it costs a few hundred extra dollars to add, the Pinpoint GPS technology is well worth it, turning time spent fighting the current or resetting your drift into non-stop fishing action. Price: $1549.99

torqeedo kayak motor
The Torqeedo Ultralight 1103 AC; this one has lots of power.

Torqueedo Ultralight 1103 AC

The Torqueedo Ultralight 1103 AC is a powerful stern-mount three-hp equivalent electric motor with a 915 Wh battery integrated into the system that lasts up to 48 minutes at top speed, and can be switched out with a backup if needed. The system includes a throttle with a display to control speed, and either a foot or hand control steering system is installed. They are reliable, efficient, and are one of two kayak motors on this list that could make you check your speed in the six-mph zone. Price: $2899

fishing kayak with a bixpy motor
The Bixpy K-1 Angler Pro Outboard features a universal rudder mount.

Bixpy K-1 Angler Pro Outboard Kit

Speed is controlled with a wireless remote, with three options for reverse and 13 for forward. Top speed puts out 38 pounds of thrust and provides a maximum run time of two hours on the highest setting. The Bixpy can be mounted in different ways using kits they have available for specific models of kayak, as well as a universal rudder mount that can fit almost any kayak. The ringed and guarded drive reduces the possibility of getting snagged on weeds, floating lines, and other obstructions in the water and lets you sneak into the shallows with ease. Price: $1599. Note: The Bixpy K-1 can be bought by itself for $699, but you must use a Bixpy battery to power it. The kit includes their largest battery at 768 Wh.

fishing kayak with newport motor
The Newport NK300 is another top power choice for kayak fishermen.

Newport NK300

The Newport NK300, like the Torqueedo, is a three-hp equivalent stern mount motor. The main difference between the two is that the Newport doesn’t come with an integrated battery, allowing you to choose your battery size and brand. It includes a throttle with a display to control speed, and can be rigged to steer using your feet or hands as well. The Newport has speeds comparable to the Torqueedo, so make sure you don’t break the sound barrier and scare every fish within a quarter mile. Price: $1299 ($2105 with 30Ah battery).

There are a lot of options out there to power a kayak, and at the end of the day your decision will be based on preference. Bow mounts are best for holding position while fishing, stern mounts will get you from point A to B the fastest, and the EPDL is new tech but seems to be a middle ground between the others, and comes in a complete package with no additional rigging or add-ons necessary. Whatever you decide, don’t forget that with an electric motor your kayak is now a vessel under power and needs to be registered with the state before use.

-By David Rudow