Remember when you were just a little tyke, waddling down the dock while you clutched your Mickey Mouse rod in one hand and dad’s fingers in the other? Remember how he threaded a worm onto the hook, cast out the line, then handed you the rod? As Father’s Day rolls around, don’t forget these moments – and while you should never let a chance to fish with Captain Dad go by, this more than ever is a great opportunity to go fishing with your father. As you plan your fishing trip, remember:

fishing with dad
Nothing beats going fishing with dad. And on rare occasions, I even get to take a picture of him holding a fish!
  1. If you’re a kid who loves to fish but your dad isn’t so into it, express to him how much better you could bond if you were out on a boat together, searching for stripers or prowling for perch. Then ask “dad, can we buy a boat?” at least 32 times a day, until he buys a fishing boat or you go off to college
  2. If you’re a kid who’s dad loves to fish and already has a boat, you should ask “dad can we buy a bigger boat?” at least 48 times a day, until he buys a bigger boat or you go off to college.
  3. If you’re an adult and your dad is older, consider buying a bigger fishing boat so he’ll be more comfortable.
  4. If you’re an adult and your kid is asking you to buy a fishing boat, remember that the greatest gift you can give him in life is access to better fisheries, and buy the boat.
  5. If your spouse is resisting the purchase, remind him that Mother’s Day is just 11 short months around the corner!