You say you’d love to own a fishing boat, but you live in a tiny apartment or condominium with nowhere to store it? People, that is not a problem. Check out these three hot little fishing machines that you can stow under your couch.

sea eagle fishing sup
The Sea Eagle Fishing SUP 126 fits in a backpack, but opens lots of new fishing horizons.
  1. Sea Eagle FishSUP 126 – This inflatable fishing SUP fits into a backpack when deflated and weighs just 45 pounds, but once you pump it up has 12’6” of LOA and can carry up to two anglers. A removable transom can accommodate electric trolling motors up to 55 pounds of thrust, if you don’t feel like paddling. Sitting or standing aboard is no problem, set-up time is 10 minutes, and the bow is up-turned to handle bigger waves. Our favorite thing about this fishing platform, however, might just be the price. $899 gets you a complete package including a paddle, bow storage box with rodholders, an air pump, a repair kit, and even the backpack to pack it in. Even if you go for the “ultimate” package and get a two-seat version with an electric motor you can’t come close to spending $2K.
    outcast fishing tube
    The Outcast Prowler may not be ideal for trolling in open waters, but it'll certainly do the trick for anglers taking short jaunts in protected waterways.
  2. Outcast Prowler Float Tube – True, with this sort of craft your boat and your PFD are one in the same. And no, you won’t be able to carry a friend aboard. But at 64 inches long and 50 inches wide, the 19-pound Prowler can hold a whopping 325 pounds. Highlights include two stowage pouches and a ruler printed on the aft cargo net. Added bonus: who needs a couch for storage? You can stow this one under a chair. Price is $589, and a carry bag goes for $99. 
    corcl on a car
    Your (ahem) car has a tow capacity of zero? That's not a problem, with a Corcl.


  3. The Corcl – A Corcl is so darn small that not only will it fit under the couch, you can even haul one with a Smart Car (it’s the orange thing tied to the roof). These floating saucers have a 47-inch diameter and are a mere 11-inches tall, yet can keep an angler up to 160 pounds afloat. Don’t try taking one through Rudee Inlet — they’re specifically intended for use in calm waters only — and you probably want to leave the G. Loomis at home and stick with the K-Mart rod when fishing from such an easily inverted craft. But hey, it could be an awful lot of fun, especially for kids probing a pond or small creek. Price: $369.