As a new kayak fishing season approaches both paddlers and pedalers will be keeping a sharp eye out for the cool new gadgets and goodies that can help us catch more, bigger fish. Ready to start spending that Christmas bonus you put in the bank? Consider these three top picks.

trackpack from yakattack
The Yakattack TracPak will help you get more tackle onto your fishing kayak, while keeping disorganization in check.

Yakattack TracPak

Have you ever wished you had room for more fishing tackle? Of course you have! The TracPak is a stackable gear and tackle box that attaches to your kayak’s rail mounts. Up to two boxes can be mounted one atop the other (they snap together) to a MightyMount or GearTrac, as well as many factory-installed kayak tracks. The lower box can be accessed without opening the box on top, and they’re sold in pairs along with a quick-release mount. The quick-release mount can also be surface-mounted to just about any flat surface. Each box weighs 1.06 pounds, and dimensions are 9.5” x 6.5” x 3.3”. Price: $50; visit Yakattack to learn more.

fishing kayak electric motor
The Texas Power Paddle is an electric motor for kayaks which will be easy to mount, and propel you for hours at a time.

Texas Power Paddle Gen 3

The newest propulsion system from Texas Power Paddle is the Gen 3 Pro Ductless, which has 30 percent more power than the Gen 2 and a weedless propeller. The lithium-ion battery is an 18.5-volt 42 amp-hour upgrade, and the drive unit is designed to minimize installation hassles by simply replacing the rudder on ProAngler, Outback, and Compass Hobie kayaks. No other modification is needed and regular rudder controls function as usual. Weight is under 12 pounds. Price: $1799. Visit Texas Power Paddle to learn more.

Native titan x propel 12.5 fishing kayak
The Native Titan X Propel 12.5 will be a tough fishing kayak to top.

Native Titan X Propel 12.5

You say you want the Cadillac of fishing kayaks? Many will argue that the new Native Titan X Propel 12.5 should be your next boat. This 12’8” long, 40” wide masterpiece weighs in at 172 pounds fully rigged, comes with the Propel pedal drive, and has a cool new seat that swivels 360 degrees yet still maintains under-seat stowage. The number of individual features is too long to list out here, but if any other kayak out there has it you can bet it’s included on this one. Critically, the design is focused around modern, easy electrification. It has two battery compartments and multiple access and mounting points designed for easily running wires, adding switches, and integrating electronics and motors. Price: $3599. Visit Native to learn more.