Spring largemouth bass fishing is right around the corner, and rainy days can trigger awesome bass bites in freshwater venues - especially if you tweak your tactics to fit the bill. What’s the number-one factor that you’ll often be faced with? Low light conditions. When heavy cloud cover and liquid sunshine come into play, consider:

  1. Casting blade-baits. Spinners, spinnerbaits, Roadrunners, and other lures with blades provide vibrations, which alert the fish to their presence and help them home in on your offering. Note, however, that silver bare metal blades won’t do much reflecting when there’s little sunlight streaming through the water. In a heavy overcast, blades with a color matte finish like white, chartreuse, and dull orange will often out-perform shiny blades.
  2. Casting topwater. That topwater bite may usually be best only at sunrise and sunset, but low light conditions can extend it by hours and sometimes, through the entire day. Pick walk-the-dog lures with rattles, to provide the fish with multiple ways of locating your lure in the dim lighting.
  3. Casting very loud rattling lures. Rat-L-Trap, we’re talking about you and your ilk. These lures make a ton of noise and vibrations and even a half-blind bass could find one in near-darkness.
bass fishing in the rain
Yes, it gets a little wet fishing in the rain, but the bass don't mind one bit.