The Scout 235 XSF is the largest center console boat in the XSF series, and the larger models built by Scout Boats are tagged LXF, denoting “luxury” center consoles. As such, you’d think you’ll be giving something up by getting the 235 XSF as opposed to jumping up to one of those luxury models. Other than LOA, you’d be wrong – in truth, this boat lands you squarely in the luxury zone, and without making too many sacrifices when it comes to fishability.

scout 235 xsf center console boat
The Scout 235 XSF center console is one fishing boat you'll want to check out, if you want both fishability and luxury.

A quick glance at the bow of this boat is telling. The front of the console extends into a lounge with arm rests and a 61-gallon bulk stowage/fishbox underneath, similar to those you find on larger models. The forward seats have removable backrests, just like you find on larger models. And the inwales are padded 360-degrees around and are accented with rope lighting, again as you’d expect on larger models.

Of course, all boats can’t be all things to all people. So, where do the sacrifices come in? With this much seating up forward, there’s really only room for one angler to cast from deck level. There are also shelves built in aft of the seats with cupholders and stowage compartments, which will come in handy at times but again, eats into the available deck space. In the cockpit, however, zero fishability is traded for creature comforts. Sure, there’s a transom seat, but it folds up flush while expanding the transom’s footprint far less than many similar designs. There’s a 15 gallon livewell in the port corner, and Scout manages to work in four flush-mount transom rodholders as well. There are four rocket launchers in the back of the leaning post, plus four more on the back of the hard top. But before moving on, check out the ones in the back of that leaning post. They’re not just welded in place like on most boats, but are ensconced in a fully finished fiberglass housing and trimmed with a grab rail. Nice.

True to form, like other Scout models the 235 XSF offers some eyebrow-raising performance. With a single Yamaha V6 Offshore F300 it cruises at just over 40 mph and hits a wide-open throttle speed of 53.5 mph. Also true to form for a Scout, its fuel economy is a bit better than you’ll find on most competing boats. At that cruise it gets 2.6 mpg. Ease the throttle back to 3500 rpm and 31 mph, and you’ll see 3.5 mpg on the data display.

Family fishers may be interested to hear that the 235 XSF has a head in the console, a standard Fusion Bluetooth stereo system with four speakers, and a 12-V plug with five USB ports at the helm. If you want you can add a windlass, a freshwater shower, and an optional removable teak bow table. Aw, come on people, do you really need that extra stuff? We say keep the boat as fishy as possible – after all, you’re already getting a lot more luxury than you bargained for.

Scout 235 XSF Specifications

LOA – 23’8”

Beam – 8’6”

Displacement – 3655 lbs.

Draft (hull) – 1’8”

Transom Deadrise – 20 degrees

Fuel Capacity – 100 gal.

Area Dealers – Anchor Boats, North East MD, 21901, (410) 287-8280.