You want to hit a tidal creek or river for snakeheads, while maintaining the opportunity for a mixed bag? Small spinnerbaits are just the ticket. Bloody Point Perch Prowlers and similar small spinnerbaits all attract smashing strikes from snakeheads, but they also lure in fish like perch, crappie, bass, and pickerel. And the tactics for fishing this type of lure are incredibly simple.

snakehead fish
When this guy is your main target - but you want to catch other fish species as well - a small spinnerbait is an excellent choice.


1. Cast to or slightly beyond likely-looking structure, and retrieve at a steady pace.

2. If no one hits, make the same cast but allow the lure to sink for a three-count before retrieving.

3. Still no hit? Let it fall to the bottom before cranking it back, on the next cast.


1. Cast at an upstream angle over the drop or across the channel, let the lure sink to the depth of the top of the drop-off or the outside of the channel edge, and retrieve across it.

2. Try a second cast directly across it.

3. Try a third cast at a downstream angle.

4. Once you’ve fan-casted at all these angles, move down the drop or channel to waters you haven’t probed just yet, and start the process anew.

Which colors are best for these sorts of tactics? Stick with light colors like white, pink, and chartreuse, as long as the waters are clear. But many of the snakehead grounds, including ground zero (Blackwater, of course) can become discolored due to runoff. When this happens, consider using darker color patterns. You'll quickly discover than not only do the snakes snap 'em up, but fish of all types will end up on the line.