On a recent trip to Florida we had the chance to try out a slew of new gear, including the Yo-Zuri 3D Inshore Pencil topwater plug. Although many of the species down there are different, we also targeted plenty of the same types of fish we go after in the Mid-Atlantic, including red drum and speckled sea trout. And the Yo-Zuri caught 'em. More surprising, however, was this unusual species. Check out the short video we shot, to bring you in on the action.

When that tripletail saw the plug walking from side to side, it hit the turbochargers and attacked without hesitation. No doubt, plenty of stripers - or any predators that smash topwater - will do the same. And although it did take a light touch to keep this lure walking, we also noted that this reduced the forearm and elbow strain that can come with working a topwater lure when you're using larger, heavier lures.

Another thing that struck us was how well the lure casts. Despite its small size, it's easy to sail the 3D Pencil farther than you might expect. We were tossing the lures with 7'6" Okuma Shadow Stalker rods rigged with 15-pound Yo-Zuri braid, and while fishing along a bank about 40 yards from shore, if you didn't palm the spool you might end up casting onto dry land. 

The color pattern we saw in the video is called "Ayu" and it should prove good up north, but we also had Ghost Shad (silver-white) and Mullet (a hint of purple) on the boats and all proved effective. There are eight colors available, in all (and yes, thank goodness, Chartreuse is among them). All versions have the 3D prism finish, inner hologram sheets, treble hooks, and three inside rattles. We note that putting the holographic finish on the inside instead of the outside is a smart move, since some lures with a holographic exterior grow dull as they get scratched up by toothy fish, overzealous casts to rip-rap, and bounced around in the tacklebox.

Price for this little topwater is around $10. 

Editor's note: This article was last updated in May of 2024.