Chesapeake Bay and Mid-Atlantic Charter Fishing Guide

Welcome to our Chesapeake Bay and Mid-Atlantic Fishing Charters, Guides, and Head boats page, where you'll find a directory of professional guides, charter boats, and head boats to get you started on your quest for the perfect fish.


Morning Star Fishing
Capt. Monty's Morning Star
Capt. Monty Hawkins, 410-520-2076
Ocean City, MD

Judith M Fishing

Judith M Fishing
Ocean City, MD

Upper Bay

Drizzle Bar Charters
Drizzle Bar Charters

Capt. George Bentz, 410-428-7110
Pasadena, MD

Middle Bay

Backdraft Charter Fishing
Backdraft Charter Fishing

Capt. Charlie Sisson, 301-752-3535
Tracys Landing, MD

ebb tide charters
Ebb Tide Charters
Capt. Billy Gee, 410-703-2549
Deale, MD

Hot Lick Charters
Hot Lick Charters
Capt. Marcus Wilson, 301-785-1199
Chesapeake Beach, MD

lead dog charters
Lead Dog Charters
Capt. Joe Arkuszeski & Capt. Bob Baker, 410-643-7600
Stevensville, MD

mary lou too fishing charters
Mary Lou Too
Capt. Dave Mogel & Capt. Rich Mogel, 443-865-7937
Chesapeake Beach, MD

miss edie fishing charters
Miss Edie Fishing Charters
Capt. Mike Cassidy, 410-279-3358
West River, MD

Obsession 45 Sportfishing Charters
Obsession 45 Sportfishing Charters
Capt. Bobby "Mack" McCormack
Deale, MD

Patent Pending Charters
Patent Pending Charters

Capt. John Whitman, 410-703-3246
Deale, MD

Penny Sue Charters
Penny Sue Charters
Capt. Mike Smolek, 443-280-4410
Edgewater, MD

stormy petrel charters
Stormy Petrel Charters
Capt. Steve Goins, 443-223-2218
Deale, MD

tricia ann charter fishing
Tricia Ann II Charter Fishing
Capt. Wayne Schuhart, 301-751-6056
Chesapeake Beach, MD

Lower Bay

rock solid charters
Rock Solid Charters
Capt. Kyle Johnson, 240-538-5180
Hollywood, MD

Potomac River

Apex Predators Potomac Creek LLC
Apex Predators Potomac Creek, LLC

Capt. Mike Sielicki & Capt.Chris Evans, 540-408-3113
Potomac Creek

Tangier Sound

Kingfish II Charters
Kingfish II 

Capt. Harry Nield, 443-871-3499
Deal Island, MD

Way South and VA

blind date charters
Blind Date Charter Fishing Trips
Capt. Stan Gold, 757-944-0850
Norfolk, VA