Chesapeake Bay and Mid-Atlantic Charter Fishing Guide

One of the most difficult ways to learn how to fish the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean is trial and error. Then there’s the boat issue; we don’t all have one. Luckily, the Bay is full of knowledgeable guides and charter captains ready to show you the ropes. Below you will find a directory of professional guides, charter boats, and head boats to get you started on your quest for the perfect fish. Whether you like to fly fish, troll, or bottom fish, there’s likely a local expert who can lend a hand. If you're just now trying to learn how to fish, our Fishing for Beginners articles are perfect for you. 

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Morning Star Fishing
Capt. Monty's Morning Star
Capt. Monty Hawkins, 443-235-5577
Ocean City, MD

judith m fishing

Judith M Fishing OC
Ocean City, MD

Middle Bay

Big Worm Fishing Charters

Big Worm Fishing Charters 
Capt. Drew Payne, 410-474-4428
Edgewater, MD

ebb tide charters
Ebb Tide Charters
Capt. Billy Gee, 410-703-2549
Deale, MD

Fin Hunter Charter Fishing
Fin Hunter Charter Fishing

Capt. Tim Smith 410-365-9761
Pasadena, MD | Deale, MD

fish with weaver
Fish With Weaver
Capt. Tom Weaver 410-533-0928
Annapolis, MD

Patent Pending Charters
Patent Pending Charters

Capt. John Whitman, 410-703-3246
Deale, MD

reel all-american fishing ventures

Reel All-American Fishing Ventures
Buch Huber, 410-829-8966
Cambridge, MD

Rock On Fishing Charters

Rock On Fishing Charters
Capt. Scott, 240-372-1864
Chesapeake Beach, MD

Tricia Ann Charter Fishing

Tricia Ann II Charter Fishing
Capt. Wayne Schuhart, 301-751-6056
Chesapeake Beach, MD

Potomac River

Apex Predators Potomac Creek LLC
Apex Predators Potomac Creek, LLC

Capt. Mike Sielicki & Capt. Chris Evans, 540-408-3113
Potomac Creek