Part 3 of The Past, Present, & Future of Striped Bass: Chesapeake Perspective focuses on Rebuilding a Fishery and Bay that Future Anglers Deserve. In the final installment of this series we have an expert panel including Mike Edmonston (BoatUS Foundation), Marty Gary (Potomac River Fisheries Commission), and David Sikorski (Coastal Conservation Association Maryland) that engage in an informative discussion on the striped bass fishery.

rebuilding fishery and bay future anglers deserve


Learn about the guests on Part 3 - Rebuilding A Fishery and Bay that Future Anglers Deserve.

Chris Edmonston 

Chris serves as the president, BoatUS Foundation, BoatUS Vice President of Government Affairs, and Board Center for Sportfishing Policy (CSP).

David Sikorski

David is the executive Director of Coastal Conservation Association Maryland.

Marty Gary

Marty is the Executive Director of the Potomac River Fisheries Commission. Learn more about his background by visiting Part 1 -The Dark Years - Lessons Learned from The Striped Bass Moratorium 1985 - 1990.