When we made our choices for the 10 Best Fishing Boats Under $10,000, there was just one inflatable boat mixed in with the aluminum and the polyethylene. That was the Sea Eagle, and you might think we’re full of hot air, but in some cases, an inflatable boat can make for a great fishing boat. If you live in a studio apartment, drive a Camry, and don’t have the budget to keep a big boat in a slip, consider the Sea Eagle FSK 16. There aren’t many two-seat 16-foot fishing boats that can run in the mid-teens with a five horse outboard, draft just six inches, and cost less than some kayaks – the whole rig is under $4,000 including the engine and about $2,000 without it. 

sea eagle 16 inflatable fishing boat
You need a fishing boat you can stow in the closet? The Sea Eagle FSK 16 is one you need to check out.

You say even a 16-footer is a bit much? No problem. Sea Eagle offers a wide range of inflatable fishing boats, kayaks, and even a mini-cat. On the smaller end you might look at the nine-foot, 10-inch 300X Explorer kayak, or maybe the SUPCat 10 inflatable stand-up paddle-board. Still, if you want the most capability in a fishing boat we're voting for the FSK 16. Why worry about size, when you can let the air out of the boat, pull the deck and seats, roll it up, and stow the whole affair under your couch? That’s not an inflated claim, but it is something we can really get pumped up about. Hull weight is under 100-pounds, beam is 4.5-feet, and the material is 1000 denier reinforced drop-stitched with overlapping glued seams.