Coastal Fishing Reports

Coastal Mid-Atlantic Fishing Report, February 13, 2019 Update:

Fishing off the coast has been unforgiving this season. Few fish are being caught, and those that are catching have been putting enormous effort into locating and staying with the fish. Tog are the main target with green and white crabs remaining the preferred bait, but catches have been on the thin side. Remember, tautog can change things up at any time and one trip to the next can be like night and day but generally speaking, it's been tough.The reopening of bass in VA water has led to some extras effort, but again, it's been difficult to get to the fish and to catch 'em. The weekend's weather forecast doesn't look to improve things, but a slug of warmth could turn all this around in a heart-beat!!

captain monty hawkins morning star tog fishing
Capt. Monty Hawkins has been finding a steady tog bite on the Morning Star out of Ocean City, MD. Photo courtesy of Capt. Monty Hawkins.

Coastal Mid-Atlantic Fishing Report, February 6, 2019:

Fishing off the coast has been tough, with this week harboring a rather weak taugtog bite in the area. Angler in Chief Lenny Rudow reports getting out on the Morning Star last weekend, where a long run and slow bite produced between zero and four tog per angler with the high stick taking two keepers. That said, the pool-winning fish did top 10 pounds, and the next day the bite improved with larger fish and several over that mark. That’s tog fishing – one day to the next is impossible to predict!

tautog caught in ocean city
The average tog caught last Saturday wasn't huge, but reports from Sunday and Monday had them growing in both size and numbers.

Although high winds coupled with frigid temperatures did effectively shut down the fishery for many anglers recently, during the brief warming trend a few boats did also get out of Virginia Beach with similar results to show for their effort. White leggers and green crab were the baits to be dropping, in all areas.

Although we’re sure there are also some stripers to be caught and released in the coastal bays, we didn’t hear from any anglers who made it out and found them this week. If you got in on some action, drop us a line and let us know next time!

Coastal Mid-Atlantic Fishing Report, February 1, 2019:

We hate to keep saying this, folks, but due to the weather we don't have much of a report for you this week as far as local fishing goes. Even the tautog fishery, our one reliable oceanic winter bite, remained very quiet after last weekend's break in the wind. The Morning Star made it off the dock and had a decent bite Sunday, although running a bit farther than usual was necessary, and the catch included a couple-few fish weighing in the teens - but then weather shut down the effort. Green crab on a snafu rig remains the standard offering. We didn't hear from anyone in Delaware who made it out, nor Virginia Beach, although it seems that a few anglers in the area who had the time and access (read: the bankroll) to get on a big boat traveled south to North Carolina waters, where there are some monster bluefin being caught. 

monster bluefin tuna
Some monster bluefin are being caught just to our south; this giant was pulled up by Sushi Sportfishing. Photo courtesy of Josh Lowery.

Reports from Manteo included multiple giants of up to 93 inches. While we caution that this fishery is on the extreme side and don't suggest trying it on your own boat unless you have extensive experience (chartering is a much better idea), don't forget that you can check out North Carolina Road Trip for Winter Bluefin to get the scoop on this fishery. Meanwhile, our fingers are crossed for a return to calm, fishable weather in our own neck of the woods.

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