Way North Fishing Reports

Way North Chesapeake Fishing Report, June 2 Update:

Now that June is here, all areas of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries are open to targeting rockfish. Many anglers will be heading to the Conowingo Dam and we expect to hear reports from that area come next week. No doubt they’ll also involve plenty of catfish for bait anglers, whether intentional of caught by accident. Down on the flats, where rockfish could be targeted prior to June 1, we had a few reports of solid striper action this week. One reader gave a shout after fishing the flats and enjoying an excellent striper bite over the holiday weekend on fish up into the mid-20s. Another angler headed out for a morning trip to fish the mouth of the Susquehanna. They had a bunch of short strikes and a nice largemouth spit the hook at the boat before landing a 24-inch rockfish. All of their action was in 10 to 12 feet of water. Another boat found success on the flats starting with perch that were hitting blood worms on bottom rigs. They then targeting rockfish, catching around a dozen with two being keeper size.

rockfish on the flats
Kaden, Alex, Craig, Jeremey, and Matt enjoyed a great bite at the flats on the Mis Mer-Sea.

Another popular fish to target in this region are northern snakeheads. Many anglers have been finding success at the Conowingo Dam but they are also abundant on the Susquehanna Flats, Bush River, and Northeast River. The grass fields on the flats provide perfect cover that the snakes like to hangout close to. Topwater frogs or flukes work great when fishing thick vegetation.

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