Way North Fishing Reports

Way North Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report, January 20 Update:

Well… for the past few weeks fishing hasn’t been so hot but a few anglers are still braving the cold in search of action. Fishing at the Conowingo Dam has been non-existent from all reports we’ve heard, and the few reports we did hear from the river were of catfish caught on cut bait. Despite the non-ideal conditions, some anglers are still finding them along the shorelines and in open water.

very cold yellow perch
Will the yellow perch bite come on in a big way? Fingers are crossed... and protected by gloves for the time being.

We’re hoping to see the yellow perch run really take off in the next few weeks. They’ve been relatively quiet thus far this season, and after last years’ slow run, we’re pulling for a strong showing.

With the weather so abrasive and a fishing report this thin, it’s time for our yearly reminder that if you decide to head out on a boat keep in mind that wearing a life jacket and paying attention to boating safety have an increased level of importance during the winter. Additionally, always go fishing with a buddy and make sure that someone is aware of your plan for the day. In low-40-degree water temperatures, individuals who fall in generally have only 10 to 20 minutes depending on their age, gender, weight, and submersion level before losing all coordination and muscle strength. Stay safe out there — and we're hoping you'll find some fish.

Way North Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report, January 14 Update:

Old man winter hasn’t exactly been kind to anglers fishing the Chesapeake recently — many coves and creeks are frozen over where protected from the wind, but not necessarily thick enough for ice fishing, and the few anglers willing to brave the conditions are finding their nose hairs frozen and fingertips blue. Despite this, some anglers have been able to find catfish recently where the water was open and conditions were right. Soaking chunks of cut bait has been producing. As throughout the season anglers have been landing some cats upwards of 30 inches, although we didn’t have any photo-confirmed fish that size this week. Another option is heading to the Eastern Shore millponds, which were also partially frozen last weekend but have remained fishable to date.

holding a pickerel fish
This Eastern Shore millpond pickerel was willing to eat despite the cold. Photo courtesy of Eric Packard

We also heard reports from anglers who fished the creeks prior to the recent ice formation and were able to find crappie. They’ve been having a great run this winter season, providing a reward for going out on chilly days. Angler’s recommends using a shad dart tipped with a minnow for them, but in the near future finding fishable locations will be the biggest challenge.

Way North Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report, January 7 Update:

Welcome to 2022 anglers! As the new year begins we have plenty of fishing opportunities despite the chill in the air, no doubt… although thanks to the weather that moved in early this week we don’t have solid, recent intel to offer, unfortunately. Just before the storm panfish were still hitting in deeper areas of the rivers with minnow on darts and small jigs producing crappie. We’d also been hearing about a few yellow perch in the Perryville area, a bite which should only pick up steam, and of course the ever-present catfish action in the lower Susquehanna.

crappie angler with fish
A flashback shot of Kenny with some chunky crappie caught from a northern trib before the holidays.


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