Way North Fishing Reports

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Way North Chesapeake Fishing Report, October 16 Update:

The fishery in the northernmost waters of the Chesapeake has stayed fairly consistent recently and shows no indications that it’ll drop off anytime soon. Clyde’s reported that the bite has been especially strong in the early morning, although the late afternoon is providing action as well. Also keeping with recent trends, the move at the Conowingo Dam has been to toss topwater lures or soft plastics as far into the Dam pool as possible before reeling them in. On the Flats, the channel edges have been producing for anglers opting to jig or cast soft plastics and swim shads. There's been a lot of cloudy overcast weather lately, so when the light is low remember that diverging from the chartreuse and white most anglers have been using and trying out some darker colored lures should be a productive choice.

dog licking fish
The amazing fish dog Finn gets in a lick, before a throwback goes back over the side.

Some anglers have been turning to target blue and channel catfish in the Susquehanna and searching for flatheads up near the dam. They’ve been absolutely huge, and aren’t difficult to find. Herb’s reported that chicken breast, cut menhaden, and clam snout have been great baits. Drifting baits along the bottom has been common, especially on channel edges and in the mouths of the rivers.

White perch have been active in the tribs as well, and can easily be located near shore around structure. Cooler weather should begin to drive white perch into deeper water, so grab some bloodworms and hit the docks while you still can. Might want to toss a minnow out there, too— readers continue to report some snakehead action from the Gunpowder and Back rivers.

Way North Chesapeake Fishing Report, October 9 Update:

The cool weather this past week cemented that fall is officially here. We’ve been hearing about some great fall fishing throughout the Chesapeake, including on the Susquehanna Flats and in the Conowingo Dam Pool. On the Flats, schoolie stripers are keeping anglers busy from sunrise to dusk. With plenty moving around the shallows and near channel edges, anglers working them are reeling ‘em up steadily. While most fish have been undersized, a few keepers were reported to Clyde’s this week. Most measured in from just over the keeper mark, to stretching 22 inches. Jigging them up is quite popular right now — white, pearl, and chartreuse are great colors to start with on sunny days.

angler holding up a fish
Aline Nyland proves that little fish can generate BIG smiles!

In the morning, the topwater bite has been absolutely on fire. The mouth of the Elk River has been identified as a hot spot right now, but as fish are on the move, the striper locations are expected to change. Guys fishing the Flats are also reporting that plenty, plenty, plenty of white perch are active. As is standard, bottom rigs with a bloodworm or FishBites are the top choice if you’d like to catch them. If you’re bottom fishing, catfish are likely to be in the mix too. Both blue and channel cats are highly active, and gobbling up near anything put out for them. This is true in the Dam Pool as well as the Flats. While action in the Dam pool hasn’t been excellent this week, with slim striper catches, those catfish are still readily available.

Way North Chesapeake Fishing Report, October 2 Update:

Welcome to the fall season, anglers! We’ve been enjoying some cool, relaxing time on the water and hope you have too. With plenty going on throughout the Susquehanna Flats, in the Dam Pool, and around Poole’s Island, there are plenty of beautiful fall options to cash in on. Most notably, the striper bite across the Flats has picked up. Anglers tossing soft plastics, bouncing them on bottom, fishing with cut baits, and casting topwater are all enjoying good bites. The greatest benefit to the fall season we’ve observed so far is the extension of the striper bite, as the heat isn’t turning them off during the middle of the day (though the topwater bite is still best during sunrise and set). Clyde’s Sport Shop let us know that they heard of keeper fishing coming in during both bites, providing some great blowups and fights. Throughout the day, the bite on the Flats is centered around channel edges and ledges. Anglers are also beginning to report that working birds are showing up in the lower neck of the Susquehanna— tossing lures under them is occasionally producing keeper fish.

fishing report for chesapeake
Larger fish are tougher to come by, but the striper bite overall is picking up.

Additionally, Pooles Island is becoming a favorite spot for anglers hoping to catch some larger keepers. Clyde’s suggested heading down there with live eels to target fall stripers.

In all areas of the Susquehanna with the dam pool and channels near the Route 95 bridge being the highlights, catfish remain a relentless staple for anglers using cut bait. Large catfish are leaving the water with regularity, and they aren’t difficult to find. Easy to target for shore-bound and boating anglers, they’ve been a favorite over the past year due to their high numbers and willingness to eat.

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