Freshwater Fishing Reports

Freshwater Fishing Report, April 3 Update:

Fellow FishTalkers: We know you’re all rearing to get out of the house and on the water like we are. We live and breathe fishing, and are quite bummed about the limits placed upon being on the water right now. With limits regarding who can be out and about right now, as well as reduced hours and customer contact in most tackle shops, we’d like to forewarn you that the reports are going to be a bit thin this week and probably will remain so until this blows over. We also know there’s been a lot of confusion over exactly what the current regulations are regarding who can and cannot fish. We can’t tell you the regs in this report because they differ by the area and are changing by the day, but visit our Social Distancing While Fishing page, and in the fourth paragraph you’ll find links to the different state and federal agency websites and announcements regarding the legalities.

freshwater bass fisherman
David Warfield hooked into this BEAUTIFUL five-plus-pounder, in Lake Anna.

Multiple freshwater species remain abundant and willing to strike in many of DelMarVa’s lakes, reservoirs, and lochs, and as you can see from the pic above, the bass are hitting in Lake Anna. Crappie are being caught close to shore throughout the region, where they’re now hanging around structure with the warming temperatures. They’ve been excited to hit chartreuse and neon shad darts tipped with small minnows. Pickerel are still popping up for anglers fishing minnows suspended by a bobber over grassy weed beds. Angler in Chief Lenny Rudow tried hitting Unicorn Lake last weekend, and reports a very strong pickerel bite and a so-so crappie bite there with the fish split between weedbeds and shoreline structure. Both reader reports and the word from The Tackle Box is that St. Mary’s Lake is still providing strong numbers of crappie for anglers fishing the area. They’re hanging around round the stumps, submerged trees, and other structures.

Although the warming trend has slowed a bit there are reader reports coming from the snakehead anglers hitting the Blackwater area. However, these same readers have said that on nice weekend days socially distancing is virtually impossible in some areas due to crowds. If you come to a spot and see too many people to safely socially distance, PLEASE LEAVE and try going somewhere else. It’s a sure bet that if crowds form these areas will be officially closed, no one will be able to fish them at all, and we risk even sustenance fishing being shut down.

With the current situation being what it is, we didn’t manage to gather any intel on the trout fishing and many of the usual access areas on freshwater bodies run by different agencies have been closing up. We're not printing a list here because we have received contradictory information regarding some area closures. However, this solid spring action should be reliable throughout our region and where appropriate, freshwater anglers ought to be able to get some bites.

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