Freshwater Fishing Reports

Freshwater Fishing Report, June 2 Update:

Most fish in our local ponds, lakes, and reservoirs are still active throughout the better part of most days. Most will be hanging in shallower water but any submerged structure could be holding fish nearby. Contributor Eric Packard says the bass in his local ponds are acting feisty, trying to pack the pounds back on after spawning. A morning trip to Indian Creek this week produced six largemouth in just two hours of fishing with a wacky rig doing the catching. Packard also got out to fish St. Mary’s Lake and found steady action there as well. He caught 17 crappie, 12 largemouth, six pickerel, two bluegill, and two yellow perch with most fish being caught on small crankbaits. Though it's been a bit chillier in the western parts of the region, we did also get a report of fast action at Deep Creek Lake this week with "everything" biting and nine different species being caught including the below walleye.

walleye fishing
Ellen scored a walleye at Deep Creek Lake. Photo courtesy of Bill Rader.

Snakeheads are providing steady action throughout the region this week and the topwater bite is producing some big fish. The Blackwater area is considered the epicenter of snakehead fishing but chances are, you won't have to drive very far from where you live to find some of these fish. The snakeheads have continued to expand their range in Maryland and can be found in just about any body of water connected to the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. Notable rivers with high populations of snakeheads include the Susquehanna, Gunpowder, Patuxent, and Potomac. Focus your fishing efforts on areas with grass beds, lily pads, or spatterdock fields. The snakeheads will be in lurking both in open water and in some of the thickest vegetation you can find. Topwater frogs can produce some vicious strikes, just make sure to wait a few seconds before setting the hook to make sure the fish has the lure. Soft plastic flukes, chatterbaits, and Mepps spinners are also some top producing baits. Make sure you have the proper gear when targeting these fish because they can grow upwards of 15 pounds.

Smallmouth bass are biting in the regions rivers and many anglers have been reporting days with double digit catches. One angler fishing the Monocacy River found success while wade fishing this week. He was able to catch 27 smallmouth bass and one rock bass. Most of the smallies were on the shorter side except for two big, post spawn females. One fish was 18 inches and weighed two and a half pounds, the other was 19 inches and just over three pounds. Another angler fishing the Susquehanna caught a few nice smallies in the 15-18-inch range while throwing a five-inch white swimbait. Low and clear water conditions in the rivers are perfect for throwing topwater baits. Poppers and frogs have been working especially well and some anglers are reporting getting three to four strikes per cast when the fish are really fired up.

While most of the put and take trout fishing action has winded down, the western trout streams are primed with insect activity that anglers should take advantage of. Mossy Creek Fly Fishing reports that little yellow stones, green drakes, and sulphurs have been thick lately. Water levels have been running low, so it shouldn’t be hard to find fish as they are stacked up in the deepest runs, pools, and riffles. Mossy Creek recommends using a stealthy approach on the trout waters right now as everything has been running crystal clear. Tricos have been thick on the hot mornings on the spring creeks. Look for these bugs emerging early at daylight and the spinnerfall starting around 8am. Right now, the trico swarms will be 20 to 30 feet above the creek. Tricos will generally be thicker around riffles and faster flowing water. While searching for fish out west, you will be amazed at the beautiful scenery surrounding you. It’s a fishery you won't regret visiting.

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